Private Parties

We are currently unable to host events at Angelo’s Taverna Denver location due to COVID restrictions and limited spacing.
We do have event spaces at our other locations including Logan Street Restaurant, Ivy on 7th and Carboy Winery.
You can find additional information here

Logan Street | Ivy on 7th | Angelo’s Littleton | Carboy Winery

For additional information about Angelo’s event space, please call 303-744-3366 to ask a team member.

Information below is for when we are able to accept large groups again.
Angelo’s Taverna is the most unique space to host your next event. We offer 2 different spaces for private and semi private events.

Banquet Room: Book your next event in Angelo’s newly renovated Carboy Room. The Carboy Room can accommodate up to 50 guests for any special occasion.

Patio: Looking to book a large party at Angelo’s? Our tree covered patio can accommodate up to 70 guests to celebrate any occasion. The patio is great for corporate events, business gatherings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners or any reason to celebrate. In the heart of Capitol Hill, you can’t find a more relaxing outdoor experience.

Both: If you are looking for an indoor and outdoor combo, reserve the Carboy room and the back patio for any reason to celebrate. Both spaces can accommodate up to 130 guests for your rehearsal dinners, corporate events or special gatherings.

Private Event FAQs for Angelo’s Denver Banquet Room

Q: Do you charge a room fee for private dining areas?
A: To reserve the space, there is a room fee and food and beverage minimum requires. All food and beverages (including alcohol) does go towards the minimum, tip and tax is additional. If the food and beverage minimum is met, the room fee will be waived. If the minimum is not met, the remainder will be added as the room fee. Retail wine, gift cards and togo food will not go towards the room fee. The minimum amount depends on the date and time of your event. Room minimums must be reached before tip and tax is added to the final bill.

Q: What is needed to reserve the space?
A: In order to secure your private event, a deposit of $50 and signed contract must be received. The deposit will be deducted from the final bill. Payment in full is required at the completion of the event. All deposits are non-refundable.

Q: Are there any other fees associated with reserving the space?
A: All Events are subject to a 3% administration fee that will be added to the final bill before tip and tax.

Q: Can I bring my own dessert? Is there a cake-cutting fee?
A: Guests are welcome to bring in their own desserts, such as birthday cakes. We do not have a cake cutting fee.

Q: Can I bring in my own bottle of wine? Is there a corkage fee?
A: BYO is not permitted. All of the wines from our menu can be ordered for private events.

Q: How are beverage purchases handled for large groups?
A: We can accommodate a variety of options for beverage purchases. The three most common choices are [1] to provide an “open bar”, where guests can order from our full bar and wine lists with the charge going on the host’s check, [2] a “cash bar” where guests pay for their own drinks, and [3] a limited drink list, where the host pays, but guests are limited to a pre-selected list of beverages.

Q: Do your tables have linens? Can you get custom linens?
A: Our tables are dark black/brown which blends perfectly with our wine themed room. However, we do have white tablecloths available with advance notice. Events in the winery will have white linen on all tables.

Q: Can I bring flowers or can I get them through the restaurant?
A: Guests are welcome to provide their own flowers for events.

Q: Do you have the ability to show presentations?
A: We cannot show presentations or slideshows in the private event space.

Q: Can we play our own music in the room?
A: We do have a speaker that you can use to play music either Bluetooth or through an auxiliary chord. Or the speakers will play the music that is the same throughout the restaurant.

Q: What is the gratuity and tax?
A: The gratuity is 20% and the tax is 7.25%.

Q: Is there internet access in the room?
A: We can give out the wifi password to 2 guests, but cannot exceed 2.

Q: Are there preset menus available?
A: We offer different set menu options that can be served either buffet or family style. There are set menus for lunch and dinner as well as hor’s d’oeuvre menu if you would prefer heavy appetizers. No menus are placed in front of guests, servers can give a detailed description of food.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We take all major forms of payment, AMEX/Visa/ Discover/MasterCard and cash. No Checks please!

Q: When can I access the room for set up?
A: We start to set up the room one hour prior to the event start time. You can come in 30 minutes prior to set up unless planned with the events coordinator prior.

Q: What if I did not want a private event with a minimum, but have a large party?
A: Please call the restaurant to be put on the priority seating list. Some large parties may not be able to be accommodated depending on the date and time.

Q: Can I bring decorations?
A: Decorations are allowed, however we do not allow confetti due to the difficulty in clean up. Balloons, flowers, cake, banners are all acceptable as long as it does not do damage.

Q: When do you need a final headcount?
A: We need a final headcount one week prior to the event, If the party increases in size the day of, we will add on to the per person price. If you have a decrease in guest count, we will honor your last guaranteed guest count provided on week prior.

Q: How is my final bill presented?
A: Your final bill will be presented at the end of your event after all food and beverage has been added. If you do not meet the minimum, there will be a “room fee” added of the remaining amount due.

Q: When do you need the final menu?
A: Menus selections are due no later than 7 days prior to the event. If your menu has not been selected by that time, some menu items may not be limited or unavailable.