Eating Pizza Can Be Healthy!

Happy January!

Heat up this month with homemade pizza at Angelo’s Taverna. While it’s important to fuel your body with whole foods most of the time, it’s also important to allow yourself to splurge. Yes, that means you can be healthy while staying true to your deep love of pizza. Pizza serves many health benefits including being packed full of antioxidants, promoting social behavior, and all of the major food groups are present.

Everything begins right in our kitchen. Using the original homemade dough and red sauce recipes that have made Angelo’s a neighborhood staple for over 40 years.

Next we pile on high your favorite toppings or try one of our unique and tasty specialty pizzas. We hope it is no secret that Angelo’s Taverna takes ingredients seriously. We believe fresh ingredients just taste better and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Come taste the difference!