Angelo’s Made Westword’s “The Ten Best Pizza Places in Denver — 2016 Edition”

Thanks for the shout out Westword!

What type of pizza does this old-school Italian joint churn out? Frankly, it’s hard to pinpoint, exactly. The crust has a slightly buttery and flaky texture, which works well to hold up the thick layer of cheese, veggies and meat. It’s not thin, it’s not thick, it’s just hearty, as you may find if you happen try to finish a twelve-inch pie solo. Sharing is caring, and you will want enough eaters at the table so you can get both a white-sauce and red-sauce creation. Make your own combos or try an off-the-wall menu item like the Higher Ground, a rich white pie with roasted mushrooms, garlic, ground Italian sausage, spinach, ricotta and cream sauce. Add a plate of freshly shucked oysters to the mix and you’ll see why this Sixth Avenue classic has been going strong with recipes that have withstood more than thirty years and a recent ownership change.

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